Soil Sampling


Sampling Procedure

  • Follow the steps to collect your sample
  • Prepare your samples for postage
  • Fill in and submit the form below
  • You will receive confirmation of your order and an invoice
  • When we receive your samples we'll let you know
  • Make payment of your invoice
  • We will test your soil and prepare your analysis and recommendations

How to take a good soil sample

  1. Visually divide the areas you would like tested into large sections.
  2. Take a sample every few metres, zig-zagging across each section.
  3. Take samples to a depth of approx 10cm.
  4. Place all samples from one area into a bucket and mix well.
  5. Fill a sealable bag with soil from the bucket mix. Minimum 200 grams.
  6. Clearly label the bag, detailing which section of your garden the sample came from. 
  7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 for each of the areas you would like tested.

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